NCAA Basketball 2013: March Madness Final Four Predictions, Odds and Expert Picks

It has been a long and sad road for our brackets. We all had a decent idea that Gonzaga couldn’t get it done, but who saw the Shockers taking claim to that zone? Indiana got ran over by the Syracuse express, which went on to maul Marquette and take claim to perhaps the most overrated bracket.  Michigan pulls off a miracle comeback against Kansas and just when you think their luck has run out, the destroy Florida! (I had lost confidence in Florida right after they lost to a hopeless Kentucky). That leaves just one, one lone one, standing in the Final Four. Just when it looked like Duke was coming back and Kevin Ware’s leg snapped in half and everything was going wrong for Louisville, they determined they were not ready to go home just yet and demoralized Duke in the second half. They scored 50 points vs. Duke in the second half. They ran an efficient offense and forced turnovers to lead to fast breaks.

Now we have it, our Final Four, and only one team can be left standing, but before that, let’s take a look at who will make it to the last two. Let’s get down to buisness.

Wichita St Vs. Louisville (-10):

This is it, right? The 9 seed has finally met its match and Louisville is going to completely dominate this game and reach the Championship? Seems legit, but that’s not how things have been working this tournament. Louisville loves their full court press. They used to stifle Duke all day. Wichita St. is a different animal though, they have plenty of ball handlers in this game and will be able to break the press. The key to this matchup is what kind of offense is Louisville going to impose? Louisville attacked the paint vs. Duke to maximize offensive output, but Wichita St is good at defending the low post. Their biggest problem has been defending good shooters. Wichita St. dropped two games to Creighton just before the NCAA Tournament. Louisvlle does not have a great three point shooter, and they are not really an elite jump shooting team. This game is going to be closer than most people think, but I see Louisville pulling it out late. The 64-59 Louisville. My bet for this game: Wichita St +10

Michigan (-2) Vs Syracuse:

Hard to believe Michigan is even here. I was shocked when they rallied past Kansas and amazed how they destroyed Florida. I didn’t think Florida was great by any means, but still, a 20 point blowout is rare in the Elite 8, especially with two closely ranked teams. Syracuse caught my eye earlier in the season. They won some close games Vs some good teams. The story of this matchup will be Trey Burke vs. that stingy Syracuse zone defense. The zone will be able to keep Burke from penetrating as he loves to do, and will force him to shoot the ball. Michigan has three guys who can shoot the three, Burke, Hardaway Jr. and Stauskas (Each have made 70 or more threes while shooting over .380 from down town). Syracuse has one great three point shooter, James Southerland, he has made 83 shots, while shooting an awesome .403. That being said, this game is going to be epic. I have gone back and forth on this game, but I think Michigan is going to shoot the ball extremely well today. The kryptonite to the zone defense is great three point shooting and good ball movement. I think Michigan takes this game. Michigan -2 -105