Eva Longoria Has a Major Nipple Slip at the Beach (PICS)

Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria is our latest example of brains vs. bikini on TMRZoo.com. Fastening a garment that is basically two cups of fabric and a couple of strings can not be the hardest thing to operate  This nip slip from Eva Longoria shows that brainless and the beautiful just can’t grasp the concept. The 38 year-old cougar was seen on the beach not slipping out of her bikini but actually fumbling with her breast and nipple. She must have picked up the fumbling habit from her ex New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez, you know the butt fumble guy.

Eva Longoria received a Golden Globe Award nomination for her work on Desperate Housewives. This sun-baked golden globe is a reward for all of you readers of TMRZoo.com. Eva Longoria has never been nude or even flashed her tits on film. Now that this ship has sailed maybe she will finally let the cat out of the bag.

If you would like to see what Mark Sanchez fumbled with, the uncensored nipple slip pics of Eva Longoria can be seen here, be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

Eva Longoria Uncensored Nipple Slip