Manti Te’o Mock Draft Update: 2013 NFL Draft Contest

For those of you entered in and/or following the 2013 edition of our NFL Draft Contest, here is a Manti Te’o mock draft update for you…

There is still no winner yet in our Manti Te’o contest since he was not selected in the first round last night! The buzz from the pundits leading up to the draft was that Manti would be selected in the first round. Guess again. Since round one has come and gone, we are now discarding all entries that guessed that Te’o would be picked there.

Boy… that is a ton of entries we just discarded.

If you picked round two as the final landing spot for Manti your odds are VERY good. Those same “experts” who whiffed on the first round prediction are now saying that he is a guarantee to go in the second round. The deadline has come and gone to submit entries, but here are some prognostications and updated mock drafts from around the web: Chicago Bears, pick #50 – 2013 NFL Mock Re-Draft: Round 2

John Rozum – Bleacher Report: Buffalo Bills, pick #46 (via trade) NFL Mock Draft 2013: Updated Predictions for Round 2

Ian Rapoport – The Viking Age: Minnesota Vikings, pick #? (via trade) Vikings Will Trade Ahead of Bears to Draft Manti Te’o

ESPN: Manti Te’o Mock Draft Update

It appears that many sources are now predicting Manti will go at #50 to the Bears… which probably means it won’t happen now and some other team will jump ahead of Chicago to get him.

Less than 25% of the entries submitted predicted Manti Te’o being selected in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft . If you are one of the few, you have a very good shot at taking home this year’s crown. Keep checking the main contest page for the announcement of the winner.