Amanda Bynes Re-Tweets Pics, This Time Topless (PICS)

Amanda Bynes seems hell bent on stealing Lindsay Lohan’s title as the craziest bitch in Hollywood. Her actions of late seem like a either desperate attempt for attention or a cry for help. As example take a look at these Twitter pics showing a topless Amanda Bynes in the bathroom looking like a disheveled prostitute.

The torn stockings and hooker blonde hair look to be straight out of a porn movie. One can only wonder how soon it will be before the “allegedly stolen” sex tape will be leaked or will the intervention occur first? I think Amanda has a bit more crazy to show us and us here at TMR are staying tuned.

Our money has Amanda Bynes taking the Dana Plato route. A classy spread in Playboy (Lindsay did), a topless romp on film (Lindsay did that too) and ultimately porn (Lindsay didn’t do that yet). Maybe Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes can bust into porn together and give us some blonde-on-blonde action, someone get Vivid Video on the phone.

So until the Lindsay Lohan/ Amanda Bynes lesbian porn is released, enjoy these pictures of Amanda Bynes topless  and be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

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