Jessica Alba Does a Strip Show in Downtown New York (PICS)

Fantastic Four actress Jessica Alba showed off her fantastic two the other day in New York. The onetime Razzie Award nominee for worst actress looks like she is trolling for attention in these downtown Manhattan pics. Why else would someone wear a obviously see-through bra in NYC in May, it isn’t that hot out. By the looks of these pictures Jessica is a bit chilly.

One would think Jessica Alba is trying to get her name back on the tongues of the press to promote her new movie A.C.O.D. co-starring  Amy Poehler and Jane Lynch. This has to be the most anticipated direct-to-DVD movie of the year. All three actresses have had some great supporting roles but don’t expect these three to carry a comedy for 90 minutes.

It may be time for Jessica Alba to slide back into her spandex and visit The First National Bank of Marvel for a 3rd and final Fantastic Four. Everyone else in Hollywood is cashing in on Stan Lee’s genius. Look what it has done for Robert Downey Jr. Bottomline is it is more financially lucrative to play the invisible girl than to be an invisible actress.

I guess we can count our blessings, at least these were not peeks of Jane Lynch’s nipples, or as I like to call her Sandra Bernhard 2.0. So after checking out Jessica Alba’s not so invisible nipples be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare naked wardrobe malfunctions here.