Jonah Falcon and His Penis on the Howard Stern Show (VIDEO)

Our very own Jonah Falcon, and his penis, were in studio on the Howard Stern Show this morning. Jonah is a video game writer here at, oh… and he has a 13.5″ penis. Jonah was promoting various projects, including his single and YouTube viral music video “It’s Too Big” and it’s availability on iTunes.

Howard started grilling Jonah immediately on why he didn’t take six figures to do a porn. Jonah would not get into the details but stated he was doing fine writing and not motivated by money or defined by his penis size.

Howard then talked about how Jonah was pulled aside in the airport last year when TSA was concerned about the large object in his pants.

The interview was interrupted when the one and only Chris Rock walked into the studio. Of course the conversation immediately went to Chris Rock’s penis size. Howard gave Chris a few minutes of airtime in an unscheduled interview. Chris left the studio and told Howard to “Have fun with ‘cocky’ here.”

Jonah then sung his song ‘It’s Too Big’ live in the studio with Adam Barta. The song is available on iTunes now. You can see the video for it below:

Jonah Falcon Viral Music Video: ‘It’s Too Big’:

Howard had a hard time believing that a guy would sing about his penis being too big. As they were leaving, Howard played some clips of Richard and Sal prank calling Jonah when he did a sports talk radio show.

The full interview will be available on Howard TV, Howard Stern’s On Demand cable network. Check out Howard.TV for runtimes and availability.

You can see Jonah Falcon’s body of articles and podcasts at here. Sorry, we don’t have any pictures of his penis on THIS site.