Eric Reid Signs Contract with 49ers, Alec Ogletree with Rams

Two more first round picks from the 2013 NFL Draft have signed with their teams. Eric Reid has signed a 4-year deal with the San Francisco 49ers and Alec Ogletree inked a 5-year contract with the Saint Louis Rams.

With both of these signings, both the 49ers and Rams have locked up their entire 2013 draft class. The Rams had two first round picks this year, the first, Tavon Austin, has been signed for some time now.

The news of the signing of Eric Reid comes just days after we announced that he was the frontrunner in our “first Picked/Last Signed” contest. Click here to enter the contest.

Alec Ogletree was was the 30th pick overall in 2013, while Eric Reid was number 18. Twelve first round draft picks are now signed, leaving 20 to go, still leaving some time to enter our contest. As the start of most camps are coming up, we expect the contract signings to speed up a bit, but there still will be a handful that will give some difficulty to their teams.