Whitney Cummings Returns to the Howard Stern Show (VIDEO)

Whitney Cummings returned to visit the Howard Stern Show for the first time since her sitcom ‘Whitney’ was cancelled. Howard immediately noted how great and healthy she looked… like she just came off the beach.

Whitney then explained how her show almost killed her. She was so dedicated to it that she spent countless hours writing and preparing that she wasn’t getting any sleep and started looking bad. Her wake up call came when she met a guy on the crew of Whitney Cummings Show whose sole job was to ‘touch her up’ and edit the film frame by frame to cover up the bags under her eyes.

The emotions started pouring out (as you can see in the embedded clip) when Howard mentioned that fellow comics “turned” on Whitney when she went on TV. As someone who never really had a strong family base, she considered other comics as her family and it crushed her when their jealousy came out and they treated her badly.

Check out a clip of the interview that will air in its entirety on Howard TV…

Whitney Cummings Returns to the Howard Stern Show:

Whitney seemed really into her latest boyfriend and talked him up quite a bit. The couple stayed with Howard and Beth Stern for a night and both Whitney and Howard kept referring to a photoshoot they did, that included Beth, where the clothes came off. Oh, don’t worry, we’ll be posting the pics soon.

Check out Howard.TV to see when the entire uncensored video will air. You can check out a few of our previous posts featuring Whitney Cummings on the Howard Stern show, complete with hot pic, here and here.