Howard Stern’s Hottest Chick Biggest Fan Contest (PIC + VIDEO)

Today, Howard Stern took a break from interviewing celebrities, including Alec Baldwin who left the studio just prior, to host another great listener contest… the Hottest Chick Biggest Fan contest.

The Hottest Chick/Biggest Fan contest is pretty self-explanatory… the hottest female listeners of the Howard Stern Show came in to the studio to be graded on their looks and how much knowledge they had of Howard Stern history. The three contests were asked a bevy of questions that only the biggest of Stern Show fans would know.

Amy, Heather and Megan (as shown left to right in the picture above) were the Hottest Chick/Biggest Fan contestants. A fourth contestant, Lindsay, was late for the appearance but did finally join in. In a shocking revelation, all of the contestants had breast implants.

Pics of the contestants are below. Lindsay did not make it in time to be photographed with the rest of the girls for the group shot. She is in the red dress below:

Howard Stern’s Hottest Chick Biggest Fan Contest Gallery:

The images above were collected from and various Twitter and Instagram accounts for the Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern’s Hottest Chick Biggest Fan Contest Video Preview:

The entire contest will be aired, uncensored, on Howard Stern’s On Demand Cable channel, Howard TV. Check out Howard.TV for more information and to find out when the episode will be airing.