Miley Cyrus Has a Vagina Slip In Short Shorts (PICS)

Miley Cyrus headed out the other day in shorts so tiny and tight they would have given Daisy Duke a yeast infection. The princess of the hillbilly nation wore the shorts sans-panties creating the mother of all commando lip slips. What is a lip slip? It is like a nip or nipple slip but in this case the vagina is peeking out of the mis-worn garment.

We have seen the lip-slip on many occasions. Lady Gaga and of course the oh so popular Maria Menounos lip slip that graces the pages of Not surprisingly, this is not the first flirtation Miley Cyrus’ vagina has had with the paparazzi. In April of last year, we posted “Miley Cyrus Goes Commando – New Upskirt Pics”. I am thinking redneck chicks just don’t like underwear, that is of course unless it has the stars and bars printed on them.

Something tells me if Billy Ray Cyrus didn’t write Achy Breaky Heart the Cyrus family would be in a trailer park in Flatwoods, Kentucky. Miley’s Mom would be yelling to Billy Ray “Miley is sitting on the front stoop with her cooter hangin’ out again!” “Tell that girl to get inside and put some panties on before she catches a nasty cold”

You can check out the unedited Miley Cyrus cooter photos by clicking the picture below. Be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

Miley Cyrus Vagina Slip In Short Shorts Redirect