Poll Results: Hottest Political Scandal Babes

ashley dupre bikini

At TMRZoo.com, we tend to stay away from divisive content that could possibly agitate our readers and mainly focus on the fun stuff. Politics is one of those verboten topics. However, babes are not, and are one of the main focal points of this site… that is why we have no problem bringing you the results of this “political” poll.

The good folks at PornHub.com have been running an interesting poll asking their readers who they think is the hottest babe that has been involved in a political scandal. There are certainly plenty to choose from, and multiple babes within the same scandal. The results are in and there was a clear winner, and by a landslide.

With 41% of all votes, Eliot Spitzer’s whore Ashley Dupre was selected as the hottest woman at the base of a political sex scandal. Not a close second was Monica Lewinski at 19%. The results of the poll in their entirety are as follows:

PornHub.com’s Hottest Political Scandal Babes Poll Results:

Ashley Dupre (Eliot Spitzer’s favorite prostitute) – 41%
Monica Lewinski (Everyone’s favorite “First Intern”) – 19%
Ginger Lee (First Anthony Weiner sexting “victim”) – 13%
Dominique Strauss-Khan’s Hotel Maid – 7%
Rielle Hunter (Mistress to Sen. John Edward) – 6%
Sydney Leathers (Latest Weiner sexting mistress) – 6%
Maria Belen Chapur (Mistress to Mark Sanford) – 5%
Lisa Weiss (Yet another Weiner sexting “victim”) – 3%

Check out the Ashley Dupre and Sydney Leathers links in the list above to see some galleries of them visiting and their antics on the Howard Stern Show. Below are some other girls on the list, from left to right: Dupree, Ginger Lee, Lisa Weiss and Mary Ellen Chapur. Click any image for full-sized version.

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