One of These 5 NFL Teams is GUARANTEED to Win the Super Bowl This Year

Ladies and Gentleman, people who read the entire article and those of you who just skimmed it to see where I put that team you love, that team you hate and those teams in the Final Five, I would like to announce that I GUARANTEE that one of these five teams will win the Super Bowl:

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to shock you! At +3000, or basically 30:1, these odds are amazing. Dalton likes to throw to his tight ends. Gresham finished 2nd on the team in receiving yards. Tight end Tyler Eifert is an amazing pass catcher out of Notre Dame. He finished the National Championship game with 6 catches for 61 yards vs. Alabama, so he is ready for stiff competition. Add in Green-Ellis and A.J. Green, the Bengals will have a very well rounded offense to go along with their smothering defense. The finished Top Six in total defense and 2nd in the AFC in takeaways. Do not sleep on the Bengals!

The New Orleans Saints (+2000) came into last season rusty… Really rusty. Drew Brees didn’t care and went out there and threw the ball all over the field and managed to win a few games in the process. The Saints finished dead last in defense in the NFL, but they really started to get it together at the end of the season. Bounty Gate is now behind them, Sean Payton is back on his throne, the defense is back to full strength which will keep them out of shoot outs. I think the Saints will go with a stronger rushing game this year since they will not be playing from behind all season long. This will be a big year for the Saints! Do not be surprised if they win it all.

The Denver Broncos (+600) got things clicking last year and it seemed that the title was all but theirs. A miracle finish in Denver vs. the Ravens left a bad taste so bad that the state went out and legalized marijuana to help themselves forget. Unfortunately, the agent of Elvis Dumervil forgot how to use a fax machine and Von Miller forgot which drugs were legal and which ones were not. To be fair, it is better to lose Von Miller early in the season considering 4 of the first 6 games are at home. On offense, the presence of Wes Welker will really open up some big plays for Thomas. This offense will be a threat to score on every single drive. I see the Broncos steamrolling the league this year, hopefully they can avoid a letdown game in the playoffs.

The Seattle Seahawks (+725) are a team that really interests me because they are well coached and they play with confidence. Their cornerbacks call out opposing QBs and place giant targets on themselves because they are confident enough to take them on. They hit hard and swarm to the ball. On Offense, Percy Harvin could be a very valuable asset to the team if he ever gets healthy. Russell Wilson really came into his own last season, especially during the playoffs. The read offense really opens the gates for Lynch, whom may be the hardest person in the league to tackle. Seattle has been a talent pool that was gathering for the past few years and the finally burst onto the scene last year. I think this year they will continue where they left off. We only have to wait till week 2 to catch a match between two of the league’s best, The Seattle Seahawks and…

The San Francisco 49ers (+490). The addition of Anquan Boldin is huge. Especially with Crabtree to possibly miss the first ten weeks of the season. Vernon Davis will be asked to step up, which will be a nightmare for defenses. Frank Gore is not what he used to be, but in this new zone read offense, he becomes a very dangerous weapon. One defense, they are as good as they ever were. Asomugha as a third CB is a luxury for any team. It may be just what he needs to easy back into prominence. The schedule is moderate, but when you combine a dominant defense with an explosive offense, you have the formula for a very successful team.

Thank you for reading this. Please feel free to comment below who your “Guaranteed 5” are, or hit me up on twitter, @RiotTMRzoo with your #Guaranteed5 and we will see who’s five last longer.

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