NFL ‘Beat the House’ Contest Week 1 Status Update

We typically don’t do a pre-Monday Night Football update/recap of our ‘Beat the House’ NFL football pool contest, but since it is a rare situation with two Monday Night Football games, and so much on the line… why not. Remember, the entrant with the most correct picks in week 1 will automatically earn a spot in the Beat the House playoffs, which automatically gives you a 1 in 16 chance of winning the Super Bowl Ticket grand prize courtesy of Crown Royal.

We currently have 13 contestants still in play to win NFL week 1. There is only one scenario where one contestant can win the week outright, with no ties. Tonight, if the Philadelphia Eagles beat the Washington Redskins and the Houston Texans beat the San Diego Chargers, member raider will earn the playoff spot outright without the possibility of being tied. Every other win/loss combination will result in a tie. Ties will be broken as previously announced.

The popular scenario for tonight’s games, Redskins beating the Eagles and Texans beating the Chargers, will result in a 10-way tie that will have to carry over into next week. ManningMVP2008, pennypav, bdonovan8407, tlzamboni, Brad, jvlattas, Gold_Digger, canesr1, bglanz and NEWKENTNANA are the ten. If Washington and San Diego win, then braveturtl will jump up and create an 11-way tie with the ten listed above.

Finally, if the Eagles and the Chargers win, raider as previously mentioned, would enter into a tie with bigblaqq at 13 wins for the week each.

If you were not mentioned above, there isn’t a scenario in which you could be able to win or tie in week 1. You’ll have to keep playing and get into the playoff the old fashion way… and earn it.

You can review everyone’s picks on the Beat the House results page for week 1.