NFL Week 2 Recap – ‘Beat the House’ Contest

Here is the NFL week 2 recap as pertaining to our exclusive ‘Beat the House’ football contest. This week, we had a push between the House and the collective membership, with both posting 11-5 records. Our expert free week 3 NFL picks have been posted and are awaiting your response.

The members did not like four of the house picks in week 2. Panthers over the Bills, Vikings over the Bears, Chiefs over the Cowboys, and Seahawks over the Niners were the four… and the members BARELY picked the bills at 51%. As we all witnessed, the Panthers and Vikings lost as the Chiefs and Seahawks did win their contests.

The record for the 2013 NFL season so far is Members 1.5, House 0.5 with 15 weeks left to play.

The top pick sets in week 3 from the members were both 15 by tlzamboni and millencolin13. Both contestants whiffed on the same pick… Philadelphia over San Diego. Friggin’ Eagles! Even though the House was not beaten this week, we will send some “love” to our best pair since 15 of 16 is pretty impressive. Check out the Beat the House results page to see how you fared vs. the rest of the field.

As we mentioned, The House has already made the week 3 NFL picks and predictions and they are posted on the House Picks page. Sharpen your pencil and enter your own picks in an attempt to ‘Beat the House’ and win Super Bowl tickets from Crown Royal.