Will the NFL Flex Schedule the Patriots vs. Falcons Game for the Breaking Bad Finale?

Sunday night the undefeated New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons go up against their biggest opponent yet, the series finale of AMC’s Breaking Bad. Like Breaking Bad this NFL matchup has some drama filled storylines.

Sunday night the Patriot’s finally play a playoff contender. After an early schedule of  creampuff teams, fans get to see how good, or bad this Patriots team really is. The Atlanta Falcons were a favorite pick to win the Super Bowl this year. A rough start and a disappointing last minute loss to the Miami Dolphins last week has the Falcons desperate to prove they are a playoff contender.  

Making this game even more interesting, Sunday could finally be the return of star Tight End Rob Gronkowski. With a healthy Gronkowski in the Patriots line-up the dynamic of the passing game could finally get the rhythm and mojo the Patriots are urgently seeking.

Could this be a golden opportunity for the NFL to use the inverse of its “flex scheduling”? This Sunday night Breaking Bad will pull one of the biggest television audiences for a cable show in history. Would it make sense to move the New England vs. Atlanta game to the 4 P.M. slot and slide lets say the Washington Raiders vs. Oakland Raiders game to Sunday Night Football? At this point I don’t think the Redskins fans are even interested in seeing their team. On the west coast, the game would/should be over by 9 P.M. giving the Raiders fans their game and the premier of Breaking Bad.

This could be a win for everyone if Roger Goodell has the stones to pull it off. If the NFL wants to go the extra step they could make the Steelers vs. Vikings game the Sunday Night Football matchup, “The Battle of the Winless”. The only people watching that game are Fantasy Football geeks with Adrian Peterson on their roster.

Right now we are all speculating on who will get killed during the Breaking Bad season finale. My guess is it will be Tom Brady, Matt Ryan and the advertisers of this week’s Sunday Night Football.