Supplementing for ADHD

A recent landmark study conducted in Japan offers some data that may serve as a jumping-off point for further investigation. Thirty-six children, aged 4-14 years, diagnosed with ADHD who had not previously received any drug treatment related to ADHD, received either a placebo or 200 mg/day of PS (Phosphatidylserine) for two months in a randomized, double-blind study. The main outcome measures included: (1) ADHD symptoms; (2) short-term auditory memory and working memory; and (3) mental performance to visual stimuli.

The results showed that PS supplementation produced significant improvements in all main outcome measures as well as inattention and impulsivity. PS was well tolerated and showed no side effects.

These results are extremely promising and indicate that PS supplementation may offer a safe and effective alternative to conventional drug therapy for children with ADHD.

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