NFL Week 5 Free Picks and Expert Predictions – Last Call

If you haven’t entered your selections in our NFL Week 5 free picks contest, “Beat the House”, don’t worry, you’ve only missed out on one game. You can still get 13 correct and win the week, like several contestants have done already. You don’t have much longer, only few hours until kickoff so this is your last call to review our NFL Week 5 Free Picks and expert predictions and make your Beat the House picks.

As we mentioned in our introduction to NFL week 5, there are some nice treats on the 1:00 schedule today. Unfortunately, most of us can’t watch all of them. New England at Cincinnati appears be to getting the most broadcasts across the country, but the game I’d like to see most is Indianapolis hosting Seattle.


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If you don’t want to watch the Dallas Cowboys hosting the Denver Broncos, tough, it looks like the entire country is getting that game at 4:25 today. The exception is Arizona who is not allowed to see any game… because the NFL hates you!

The best game on the roster comes at 8:30 with the Niners hosting the Texans. San Francisco has had a hard time so far at 2-2 with some offensive struggles, but after this tough game against Houston, they play seven teams in their next nine games that they shouldn’t have much trouble against. The only problem is that their division-mate Seahawks play the same easy schedule and have a two game lead on the Niners already.

For the rest of our NFL Week 5 Free Picks and Expert Predictions, click the obnoxious link above. The picks are broken out game by game for you. If you’re feeling lucky, enter our pool. The winner earns a pair of Super Bowl tickets from Crown Royal.

Enjoy your week 5 football and good luck in your fantasy leagues!