Review: I Am Totally Blown Away by Black & Decker’s LeafHog – Blower, Vacuum & Mulcher

It is tourist season here in my beloved New Hampshire.  The big draw in my home state bringing people from around the world to the Granite State is foliage tours. Being born and bred in New England I guess I have become impervious of the beauty of the gold, red, and brown rainbow of trees that paint the New Hampshire hillsides. For me fall means more yard work than I see all year.

To deal with the mountains of leaves this year I gave Black & Decker’s new High Performance LeafHog – Blower, Vacuum & Mulcher a spin.  As I said I live in the heart of New England, this leaf blower is being put to the test.

My first impression was the weight of the unit. The LeafHog is a fraction of the weight of my gas-powered backpack, so far so good. Being able to plug the LeafHog in and being ready to get to work is a time saver. The task of mixing oil and gas to fill my gas-powered backpack is no longer necessary.  So far so good but would this lightweight electric blower have the power to move all of this debris off my property?

The LeafHog was more that up to the challenge of not only moving leaves but also the sticks and other flotsam and jetsam left by the fall winds. As the pile of leaves grew mass, I was able to easily navigate it across the lawn. This baby is powerful. Working around my wife’s flowerbeds was just as easy.

The blower converts to a vacuum in seconds with a tool free changing system. Something I cannot do with my gas-powered backpack. I was able to clean up waste and leaves around the beds without blowing the pedals off my wife’s favorite perennials.  The true beauty of this is all of the waste is captured in a disposable leaf bag made of compostable materials making for easy disposal.

The LeafHog is all upside. It has an environmentally friendly electric motor. This electric motor is 50% quieter than traditional blowers are so I do not feel nearly as guilty hitting the leaves early on a Sunday morning. I have also factored in my gasoline savings – after a couple of years the LeafHog will pay for itself. I love a return on investment on any purchase.

The bottom-line is the LeafHog will save you time and money. I can’t think of any downside to this great yard tool.  You can find out more about the LeafHog on Black & Decker’s website, the LeafHog is also available at your favorite Home and Garden stores and online retailers.