NFL Week 12 Picks Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Week 11 was an odd week. We had our first tie of the season (Saints only won by 3) and it made our record 1-1-1 and + or – ZERO units. Which brings our total record to 18-15-1 and +16.76 units. Riot’s Rundown continued its downward trend as more horrible teams beat average teams to the tune of 4-6 bringing that total to 69-42. Luckily we can move on to the NFL Week 12 picks against the spread, totals and money line… and still be holding a decent amount of units, and that’s what we will do!

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Cleveland Browns -2:
There are the Broncos, the Pats, The Bengals, The Chiefs, the Colts and then there is everybody else. Virtually, everybody else is fighting for that last wildcard spot. That spot is being held by the 5-5 NY Jets. Do you think they will keep it ? Nah, me either. Enter the 4-6 Steelers who have a shot to crawl back into the thick of the race with a win today. Steelers and Browns both have decent defenses (advantage Browns) and horrible running games. I think this game will come down to the passing game and right now, I am trusting Big Ben a little bit more than Jason Campbell. I like Campbell, great bus driver, but this game is going to need to be WON and I will trust the Big Ben- Brown combo. Steelers +105 3 units

Chicago Bears @ St. Louis Rams -1:
Perhaps we are facing a bit of an overreaction after the Rams came out of nowhere and destroyed the Colts last week. The Rams ran all over the Colts last week and now they will face a rush defense that is 2nd worst in the NFL. Second to only Jacksonville. Oh how the mighty have fallen, huh Chicago? I do not think Chicago is a contender to win it all, I feel that they are on their decline as their defense gets worse and worse, but I like the offensive weapons the Bears have. The Rams do not have a great rush defense, but it looked better last week because they were blowing out the Colts and the Colts abandoned the run. Also, Chicago is 3rd in Interceptions this year, and 1st on forced fumbles. They will take the ball away from the Rams and give their offense great field position. I am riding with the Bears. Bears +1 -110 2 units

Denver Broncos @ New England Patriots +2.5:
Here is that classic Brady vs. Manning match up that the league loves to give us every year. For all of the hate Tom Brady gets, he is doing amazing this year. Not a great year statistically, but he is finding ways to win with a really bad team. Let’s face it, Manning has way better toys than Brady. The only problem is, Manning has inside toys. When I say that, I mean Manning has toys that do better in nicer weather. It’s just something about Manning that he brings a finesse to every team he is on. The bad thing is, when they gain their finesse, thy lose their grit. When is the last time you would consider a Manning team to be gritty? That being said, its going to be freezing in Foxborro tonight. Tempature around 21 degrees. There is a chance for some snow flurries early. I think the weather and the Pats semi decent pass defense will help slow down the Broncos offense and I think Brady will put enough on the board vs the suspect Broncos defense. Gimmie the Pats to win. Patriots +115 3 units

Riots Rundown 69-42

Predicted winner in Bold:
Buccaneers @ Lions
Vikings @ Packers
Chargers @ Chiefs
Panthers @ Dolphins
Jets @ Ravens
Jaguars @ Texans
Titans @ Raiders
Cowboys @ Giants
Colts @ Cardinals
49ers @ Redskins