Dime Bag Prank! Guy Tells NYPD Officers He’s Got A Dime Bag (VIDEO)

Our hilarious video of the week is among the best I have ever seen. This guy has a lot of balls and risks getting arrested for filing a false report. Imagine walking up to a New York City Cop and telling them that you are holding a dime bag of drugs. This, this guy has a lot of stones.

So what do the cops do? Some threaten him with arrest as expected. One cop thinks he is being setup. Others? Well they tell him to roll it, smoke it, and have a great time.

I am guessing most cops in NYC have their hands full. The average cop could not be bothered pulling in a perp for a thimble-full of marijuana. Check out the Asian cop in the subway thou. He is coolly putting on his cuff and stuff gloves as he is talking to the perp. That is until he finds out that the dime bag is just that, a bag of dimes.

Dime Bag Prank! (Tells NYPD Officers He’s Got A Dime Bag)