Erica Durance from “Smallville” and “Saving Hope” Poses Nude in Leaked Photos (PICS)

There isn’t anything small about the massive cans of Smallville star Erica Durance. This full frontal nude “leaked” photo was forwarded to us and we must say we are more than impressed. She is even showing off Lois’ Lane! The star of “Smallville” and “Saving Hope” Erica Durance makes her money as a television character actress, most of her major film roles have gone direct to video.

With Erica Durance  spending most of her time on the small screen there are few chances to see her nude. She did drop the laundry and go full frontal naked for House of the Dead in 2003 as Johanna. However, it has been years since we have seen the now 35 year old Lois Lane naked.

This nude picture is from our friends at so as always I question its credibility. Still, when they use the tag leaked it is most likely a ‘leaked” naked photo not one of their photoshops. I also don’t see them randomly targeting Erica Durance from an obscure Canadian TV show as one of their Photoshop targets.

You can check out the unedited Erica Durance  from “Smallville” and “Saving Hope” naked leaked photo below, judge for yourself. Also, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

Erica Durance from “Smallville” and “Saving Hope” Poses Nude in Leaked Photo.

Erica Durance from Lois Lane Smallville Saving Hope Poses Nude in Leaked Photo