NFL Week 13, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

How Happy was Thanksgiving? It was a 3-0 level of happiness! And we are thankful for the 6 units that it brought fourth. This brings our yearly total to 23-16 and + 27.16 units. That is our highest unit total to date! Now its time to press our luck and finish off Week 13!

Chicago Bears @ Minnesota Vikings -1: 

I can’t do it. I just can’t do it. Everything about this game screams Vikings from a sharp angle. The public perception is the Bears are good, Vikings are bad. The line is only one point IN FAVOR of the Vikings. Who in their right mind would pick the Vikings? That’s where we are supposed to bet the Vikings, but I just can’t do it. McCown is playing well, the Vikings still have a horrible defense as well. I get that the The best RB is going against one of the worst Rush defenses, but I think the Bears have too many tools and a lot more to play for. Gimmie Da Bears! Bears -105 3 units

Tennessee Titans @ Indianapolis Colts -3.5: 

 The Colts haven’t look like a powerhouse since beating the Broncos. Their record is 2-2, with two blow out losses to the Cardinals and the Rams, as well as two HUGE comebacks vs the Titans and the Texans. So they haven’t exactly played good teams either. That being said, I do not think the Colt’s are title contenders, but they can win this game. The Colt’s know how big this game is for them. A loss shortens their lead to one game, with 4 games remaining. Each team will play two tough games and two easy games. You still do not want it close. Colts come out and run the ball to set up their play action. I think Colts win by at least 7. Colts -3.5 -110 3 units

Cincinnati Bengals @ San Diego Chargers PK: 

 The link is a PK which basically stands for “Take your Pick”. You have the higher rated Bengals who have been on a slight slump vs the lower rated Chargers who have have shown that they can hang with anybody. I can’t figure out the Chargers. They have beaten Dallas, Philly, KC, and Indy, yet they lose to The Raiders, Texans, Titans and Redskins? This game will come down the The Chargers Offense vs the Bengals defense. I think Rivers gets the edge and gets a few drives in the endzone. Shot in the dark, but give me the Chargers. Chargers -110 to win 2 

Riots Rundown 74-45 

Jaguars @ Browns
Dolphins @ Jets
Cardinals @ Eagles
Patriots @ Texans
Falcons @ Bills
Rams @ 49ers
Broncos @ Chiefs
Giants @ Redskins
Saints @ Seahawks