NFL Week 15, 2013 Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

Well that escalated quickly. Broncos erase a 14 point deficit and win by 20 points. Redskins are not “Offensive” as some feel their name suggest and at turns out that LeSean McCoy likes to play in the snow! That leads us to our first 0-3 day of the season and it cost us 8.1 units. This brings our yearly record to 24-21 and still up +16.71 units. Riots Rundown goes 8-4 to bring that total to 87-52. With three games left, we still have some money to make. Let’s do it.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Minnesota Vikings (+6.5): 

I am not sold on the Eagles just yet. Nick Foles makes great decisions, but he he doesn’t have an amazing arm. The defense is hanging in there and Westbrook is always going to be a beast. They have very physical cornerbacks on defense and they get away with quite a bit. That being said, this could be a tough test on the road… could be.. but the Vikings will be without Gerhart and AP, their top two runningbacks. I am not even sure who is after them, but thats quite a loss. Vikings might start thinking draft picks. Eagles -6.5 -110 5 units. 

Chicago Bears @ Cleveland Browns (+1): 

Welcome to Over-Reaction Sunday. We will all talk about how the Bears destroyed Dallas without ever having to punt, but nobody will talk about how the Browns essentially got robbed vs the Pats. What weighs more ? Crushing a mediocre team or almost beating a potential Super Bowl team?  The truth is, the Bear have a unique gift in their really tall receivers and their really agile RB Forte. I do not think this is a good match-up for the Browns. The books are begging us to take the Bears. I’ll bite.    Bears -1 3 units. 

Baltimore Ravens @ Detroit Lions (-6): 

Remember when the Lions had their division in the bag ? It looks like they are now slipping. They have lost 3 of their last 4 and now they have to face a suddenly hot Ravens team that has won 3 of their last 4. I know Detroit is talented, but they are not showing it. Something is wrong in that clubhouse. Ill take the Ravens and the points! Ravens +6 3 units

Riots Rundown 87-52: 

Redskins @ Falcons
Texans @ Colts
Patriots @ Dolphins
Seahawks @ Giants
49ers @ Buccaneers
Bills @ Jaguars
Chiefs @ Raiders
Jets @ Panthers
Cardinals @ Titans
Saints @ Rams
Bengals @ Steelers