Tom Brady Swears and Walks Out Of Postgame Press Conference on TV (Video)

For the most part Tom Brady had a pretty good game yesterday. Brady threw for 364 yards, unfortunately that was not enough to overcome a 24-20 loss to the Miami Dolphins. Brady needed 14 more yards. Those 14 years were stolen from Brady by a Dolphins’ 4th-string-safety-turned-6th-string-CB who was signed on Tuesday, from the 49ers practice squad.

Michael Thomas came through, intercepting Brady’s fourth-down pass in the end zone with 2 seconds left Sunday. Typically after a win Tom Brady will talk at nauseum about how good the team he just demolished actually was. Brady didn’t have too many accolades for the Miami Dolphins team that had just handed him a division lose with playoff implications. Tom Brady didn’t even give props to Cameron Wake who attacked the Patriots Quarterback like a fat kid at a free buffet.

This should not surprise any of us. The Brady clan does not handle losses well. Some of you might remember Gisele Bundchen’s profanity laced rant after the Patriots Superbowl loss to the Giants. The Brazilian bombshell stated, “my husband can’t throw the f’ing ball and catch the ball at the same time”. I am guessing they just have some potty mouths in the Brady clan. At least Wes Welker wasn’t around to be thrown under the bus this time.

Tom Brady Swears and Walks Out Of Postgame Press Conference (Video)