The Dumbest Tweets Of 2013 on Twitter (Video)

It is obvious that there is no IQ check to get on Twitter. However, Twitter seems to have the largest population of morons on the internet. It may be because a Twitter user only has 140 characters to get their point across.

Then again if allowed to rant I get the feeling most Twitter users would really bring on the stupid. Stupidity on Twitter is not limited to the common man or woman. Celebrities have been known to tweet some of the stupidest crap to hit the web.

I think the stupidity on Twitter is in-part driven by alcohol. With the boom of smartphones and tablets people can now express themselves 140 illiterate characters at a time at any moment of the day.

Check out this YouTube breakdown by FreshPrinceYuup of some of the dumbest people on Twitter in 2013. If you want to see the entire year in review you can check it out on FreshPrinceYuup’s YouTube Page.

The Dumbest Tweets Of on Twitter 2013