NFL 2013 Playoffs Conference Championships: Picks, Predictions and Stone Cold Locks – Against the Spread, Totals and Money Line

And just like that, the four best teams in the NFL were left standing. If you love football, you will love these two games. It really is a tale of two conferences. In the AFC, you have two legendary QB’s that are leading teams that clearly wouldn’t be here with out them. Tom Brady may have the worst receiving corps ever to get to the Super Bowl if he wins this game. Peyton Manning turned the worst offense in the NFL into the best offense in NFL history. In the NFC, you have two young mobile QB’s who have had their ups and downs this season, two smash mouth football runningbacks, a plethora of diva-esq wide receivers and two of the top defenses in the NFL. The first game may be filled with points a yardage, but this second game is sure to be filled with bone crushing hits and goal line stands! Are you not entertained ? Let’s get started! 

Last week was a bit of a bounce back week, after the rough wildcard weekend start. We went 3-1 and ended up +5.7 units. That crawls us to 3-5 and -6.25 units for the playoffs. Let’s do it.

Since we are betting two games, splitting will leave us down a little bit, winning both will make us about 6 units, and loses both would cost 6.6 units, we are going to parlay the two games. A loss would cost us three units, a win will gain us 7.93

New England Patriots @ Denver Broncos -5.5: Peyton Manning is trying to cement his legacy by winning another Super Bowl. He already has one, and plenty of records to go with it, but Rodgers has one, Brees has one, and even Flacco has one. Manning is trying to tie his brother at 2 and maybe even a chance to catch Brady at 3. Let’s be honest, at 37, Manning doesn’t have too many years left. His opponent for this matchup, Tom Brady, will be trying for a chance to get his fourth, and his first one since the Spy Gate incident. Of course, there are more than just these two on the field. When it comes to supporting cast, the Broncos have the edge. Manning has decent receivers at his disposal and he can spread the field. Brady however, may have found a secret weapon on Legarret Blount. Blount ran all over the Colt’s in the divisional round and may be able to have similar success against the Broncos, or at least slow down the Broncos offense.  I think the Broncos win, but the Patriots go down swinging. Patriots +5.5 

San Francisco 49ers @ Seattle Seahawks -4: Here is probably one of the best modern rivalries in the NFC. These teams have met before and the 49ers always seem to squeak out a win at home and get blown out on the road. Right now, I trust Russell Wilson more than I trust Kaepernick. I trust the receiving corps of the 49ers more than I trust the receivers of the the Seahawks. I think Lynch gets the slight nod over Gore because I really like Seattle’s zone blocking schemes. I also give Seattle the nod on defense. San Fran has a good defense too, but Seattle’s just seems to make big plays and put their offense in good spots. Factor in the home crowd and this game is Seattle’s to lose. I think they will win by at least a touchdown. Seahawks -4

There you have it. We are going Patriots +5.5 & Seahawks -4. Risking 3 units to win 7.93  

Good luck and enjoy the games!