Watch the 2014 Super Bowl Online via Free Live Streaming

If you want to watch the 2014 Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks, you are in the vast minority of people not at a party, in front of a big TV screen or in a bar. Do not despair though, you can catch the game online and easier than you could most regular season games. If you want to watch the 2014 Super Bowl online via free live streaming, see the options below.

It is not very often that both top seeds in each conference face each other is the Super Bowl. There is usually a big upset in one way or another each year where one of the top teams is embarrassed out of the playoffs. To add to the excitement, we have the league’s top-scoring offense in the Denver Broncos, facing the team that allowed the least amount of points during the regular season, the Seattle Seahawks.


The question of which team will dictate the style of play is a big one. Will the Seahawks’ swarming defense make it a low-scoring game where the kickers will decide their team’s fate, or will Peyton Manning and Denver still put up points, forcing Seattle to play catch up?

Currently, the Denver Broncos are the favorite at -2.5 against the spread. If it becomes a defensive game, those points are huge.

You are probably sick and tired of the “experts” analyzing the game to death, so we posted the Super Bowl picks from porn stars earlier in the week. Don’t worry, we posted pics and well as their picks. You can find the article here.

For the majority of viewers, the game is being brodcast on FOX at 6:30pm EST, with the pregame starting an exhausting four and a half hours earlier at 2pm.

Watch the 2014 Super Bowl Online via Free Live Streaming:

Luckily for those of you wanting to watch the Super Bowl on computers or other personal devices, FOX is dropping all of the restrictions on their Super Bowl free online streaming. Unlike the limitations placed on regular season games, you can stream the Super Bowl for free regardless of your internet or television provider.

To stream the 2014 Super Bowl for free, simply hit and watch. You can also watch the game on the Fox Sports Go app, again, completely free.

SiriusXM satellite radio will also be providing audio streams of the broadcasts. They are providing commentary on 11 different channels in 9 different languages today.

SiriusXM usually provides a 30-day free online trial subscription, but we were not able to verify whether that would include an event as monumental as the Super Bowl though. They should have taken a page out of Howard Stern’s book and provided free streaming for the game just like they did for Howard Stern’s Birthday Bash, which was a huge hit.

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If you are actually going to the game… have fun. Traffic reports are that the George Washington Bridge is fully open and there are no traffic studies currently being performed.

Enjoy the conclusion of the 2013/2014 season and good luck in your bets, pools and whatever other hijinks you are up to today.