AXE Hair: “Hair Transformation” with Denver Bronco Eric Decker (Video)

When the Lombardi Trophy is awarded tonight players from the winning team will slap on their World Champions baseball hats as soon as they take off their helmets. Logic would ask why are baseball hats part of a football celebration? The reason for this tradition is the dreaded helmet hair.

One player that will not be battling the dreaded helmet head is Denver Broncos wide receiver Eric Decker. Leading up to the Super Bowl, AXE Hair partnered with Denver wide receiver and TV star Eric Decker to help launch its new line of gels, and they wanted to make sure you saw the video that they created with Eric Decker.

Decker’s video is actually pretty funny—the dude is a natural in front of the camera and he loved poking fun at his past hairstyles (they even included a few old school pictures of him as a youngin’ rocking a mullet). The idea is that the new AXE Hair gels provide 24-hour hold and a more grown-up look than the old school gels that made guys’ hair all sticky and flaky.

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So, when you see Eric Decker during the post-game interviews looking sharp remember that look can be yours with the new AXE Hair.

AXE Hair “Hair Transformation” with Eric Decker