Review: Fiber One Meal Bars are a Tasty Filling Alternative to an Unhealthy Lunch

Working in sales I don’t have the healthiest eating habits. I am constantly on the go and I find myself sacrificing convenience for nutrition. My wife will leave meal and snack bars with my briefcase to ward off afternoon hunger, but they don’t do the trick. Most of these bars are very small portions and lack any significant nutrients. Another downfall of these bars is the taste and texture. For these reasons I was skeptical when trying the new Fiber One Meal Bars samples I received free from BzzAgent

The Chocolate Peanut Butter bars are supreme. They are large enough to satisfy a big guy like myself but they only pack 180 calories. The texture is chewy not dry like other bars with a rich chocolate sweetness. The upside to these bars is they have 60% less sugar than a Special K meal bar and are protein rich.

I also gave the Fiber One Strawberry Greek Yogurt bars a run for their money. The bars have a natural strawberry flavor and are packed with big crunchy almonds. The Fiber One Strawberry Greek Yogurt bars taste decadent but are only 170 calories with 2 grams of fat and 10 grams of protein. This is an equation that fits in nicely with my weight loss goals.

What I like best about the Fiber One meals bars is I find myself “wanting” one. It is not the case where it is the only thing available, I actually search these meal bars out. I keep a box in the office and another box at home. Substituting a fast food lunch with a healthy meal bar is helping me reach my weight loss goals. I also don’t get that sluggish weighed down feeling a greasy burger and fries gives me.

I would strongly suggest working a FiberOne meal bar into your diet. They are tasty, filling and will without a doubt help you hit your health and nutrition goals.

Fiber One Meal Bars samples were received free from BzzAgent.