This Is How You Don’t Shoplift Liquor (Video)

This week’s hilarious clip of the week is a primer on crime 101. If you were to poll the occupants of our penal system they would tell you the number one rule is don’t commit a crime while drunk or high. If you are preparing to pull off the crime of the century, have your wits about you.

Common sense would also dictate that if someone starts filming you while you are committing a crime stop what you are doing and get the hell out of there. Adding public enemy number one’s flaws in this video is the people filming give him multiple chances to put the booze back and walk away uncharged. Now it looks like he is on the hook for a few, at least, bottles of vodka.

Compound what charges he caught from the police with being splattered on the internet rocking a double digit I.Q., this guy has it all. My big question is what the hell does this guy have in the valise? Did he just get done with a high-powered business meeting under a bridge and was sent out for more supplies?

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