BME Labz Whey Better – The Any Time Protein

Whey Better is a new product from a relatively new company BME Labz. Whey Better is a blended protein which simply means it consists of whey isolates, whey concentrate, micellar casein and egg protein. The proteins in this product are processed at low temperature which help to keep all of the “protein sub-fractions” intact. Protein sub-fractions include things like immunoglobulins and protein peptides which may benefit the immune system and promote recovery. These components of protein can easily be destroyed by heat.

Because Whey Better uses a variety of protein sources all with varying digestion rates it can be consumed at any time during the day including pre or post workout.

What we like about Whey Better:
-Tastes Great
-Digests Well
-Gluten Free
-Low Calorie
-Low Carbohydrate (low sugar)
-Versatile – can be used at anytime during the day

The whey and casein blend in this product also makes it ideal for recovery and optimizing body composition.

While supplies last you can stop into a Performance Nutrition location and try out a free sample on this product. The Cinnamon Swirl flavor is highly recommended.

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