Video Game Roundtable Episode 174: Friggin’ Kerfuffle – Podcast

Paul, Jordan and Jonah continue to rock on, as they discuss the bizarre circumstance of the iOS app Flappy Bird, while Paul deals with Pinsanity issues (behind the scenes). They also discuss the classic The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay in the Gaming Flashback.

This week’s news includes: Watch Dogs release coming in April, May, or June, Slim Vita is coming To North America with Borderlands 2 in tow, Nutjitsu and Worms among first Xbox One ID@Xbox games, Pachter: Sony can’t afford to pay for streamed content like Netflix does and Gamestop advertising a layaway program for the Xbox One

There’s Listener Feedback with a new Question of the Week: “Did you introduce a non-gamer to gaming?”

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