Danica Patrick Posts a Nipple Selfie (PIC)

Danica Patrick has flirted with nudity quite a bit. Anyone that has seen her multiple TV commercials and internet ad has seen the racing queen playing hard and fast with tiny bikinis. The thing is when Danica Patrick is in action she is typically covered from neck to ankles in a fire retardant jumpsuit. The chances of a wardrobe malfunction or a nip slip are minimal. Until now.

When we came across this Danica Patrick selfie with her nipple showing I must say we were quite surprised. However, we are cautious when looking at the picture seeing it comes from CelebrityJihad.com. The internet humor site is known for having a mix of real celebrity nudes and fakes.

We might have to err on the side of real when it comes to this Danica Patrick nipple shot for a couple of reasons. When CelebrityJihad does a fake it is usually much more graphic than this picture. Additionally Danica Patrick is not an “A” name celebrity so I can’t see the website going out of their way to mock up a simple nipple leak of Danica Patrick.


Maybe Danica Patrick’s endorsement power is waning and she is getting ready to punch her nude card? I don’t think anyone would complain about a naked Carl’s Jr or Go Daddy commercial. Take a look for yourself at this Danica Patrick nipple selfie and tell us what you think, fake or real?  Also, be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions here.

Danica Patrick Posts a Nipple Selfie (PIC)Danica Patrick Posts a Nipple