The Vivid Cabaret NYC Girls Get Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

It’s March 11th and that means that in less than a week St. Patrick’s Day will be upon us. Different groups of people choose to celebrate the Feast of Saint Patrick in many different ways. Some just wear green, others gather for a parade and a vast majority use it as an excuse to get drunk off their ass.

There is one particular faction of people that are very excited about the upcoming holiday… the girls of Vivid Cabaret in New York City.

The dancers at the hot new three story club in midtown Manhattan will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by wearing green, or least start out by wearing green, probably in a very limited fashion, and before wearing nothing at all.

“St. Patrick’s is all about having fun,” said Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Juliana. “We know how to do that better than anyone,” she proclaimed. “Some of the girls will be wearing green outfits, but of course, it’s more fun when we take it off!” Vivid Cabaret NYC Girl Evelyn purred, “I will be wearing a green g-string, haha!”

Check out some of the girls in their St. Patty’s Day warm-up outfits below. Click and thumbnail to see the full-sized version:

For more information on the new Vivid Cabaret New York check out their official site.