Review : The CAT CJ3000 Jump Start Power Pack – This is a Tool That Can Save Your Summer

So the bitter kiss of winter is fading away. For most of you, you think the days of dead batteries are behind you. You couldn’t be more wrong. As spring and summer comes you will be taxing your battery more than ever. Tops will be down and stereos will be blasting, those of you without convertibles will be cranking up your AC on long trips. Add to that the throng of mobile devices and tables you will be charging as you heading to your vacation spots and it is easy to realize you are not out of the woods.

When you add to the mix the tailgaters and sun-worshiper that treat their car as a 2-ton boomboxes we are going to have a lot of dead batteries this summer. Let’s face it our batteries get a much more intense workout than our daddies batteries did. Making this more troubling is the design of the car batteries has not changed much over the years to adopt to this new of load of electronics.

So what can you do? First off buy a boom box for the tailgating. If you really want to be proactive CAT has released the CJ300.This survivals suitcase as I have dubbed it has so many applications. First it can give your dead battery a 12 volt, 1000 amp jolt getting you and a few more vehicles back on the road. I know what you are saying, you have seen batteries jumpers in every car parts store in America, this is nothing new. You haven’t see a unit like the CAT CJ300.

The CAT CJ3000 jump start power pack boasts the classic black and yellow CAT motif, it looks sharp. The unit has some weight to it but nothing unreasonable, making it easy to carry is its rubber padded handle. There is a convenient idiot light on the front of the unit that gives you the charging level. Also on the front panel is a button for emergency lights built into the sides of the unit. There is a solid white LED work light on one side on the unit and a red flasher on the other.

Making operation easier there are no special adaptors needed to charge the unit. Simply plug any 110v extension cord into the front of the unit and you are good to go. Have you ever been stranded and your cellphone is dead? The CAT CJ3000 has a standard lighter type accessory plug on the front of the unit allowing to plug in your cellphone or tablet car charger for extra safety.

Making the CAT CJ3000 even more foolproof is a reverse polarity sensor. If you connect the batteries cable incorrectly on a dark road, the CAT CJ3000 will warn you and let you know to switch terminals. This is a life saver. If you blow the 100amp master fuse in your car by connecting the wrong terminals you will need more than a jump start, it is now tow truck time.

So who would benefit from this device? The answer is simple – first responders should all have one of these units in their arsenal of tools. This a great for the homeowner, I will be using the CAT CJ3000 to get my riding mower and other tools running in a few weeks. Campers and hunters should all have a CAT CJ3000 on hand. Not just to jump start ATVs and vehicles but to also make sure cellphone and emergency equipment is charged in the deep of the woods. You folks with the 2-ton boom boxes definitely need to pick one up, there is nothing worse than having a dead car or cell phone after a long day at the beach or tailgating. Keep your eyes peeled for this great tool, it is a life saver.