Donald Sterling’s Mistress V.Stiviano Interviews with ABC’s 20/20 (Video)

Not too many people know what to make of V.Stiviano. She is the most polarizing figure to hit the news in a while. Some see V.Stiviano as a gold-digger. Others see her as a villain. Yet others see V.Stiviano as a young woman taken advantage of by an allegedly racist billionaire.

Not only have V.Stiviano’s morals and ambitions been questioned. Also the fact of whether or not the girl is a looker. I would say V.Stiviano is an attractive woman but not good looking enough to lose a 500 million dollar NBA franchise over. In this interview with 20/20 V.Stiviano gives us a peek of the crazy.

V.Stiviano describes herself as Donald Sterling’s best friend. That makes me wonder what V.Stiviano does to people she doesn’t like.

V.Stiviano seems to be enjoying her 15 minutes of fame. This 15 minutes includes a porn offer from Vivid Video. I think Vivid Video jumped the gun a bit. I am guessing V.Stiviano will go through the typical pleas for attention once this story starts to fade from the front pages. I would expect to see a V.Stiviano nip slip or wardrobe malfunction. If that doesn’t work typically the topless or nude pictures start to surface. If the naked photos don’t work the sex tape or porn run is an option. I get the feeling we will be seeing V.Stiviano naked soon, but a porn is off the table for right now.

Donald Sterling’s Confidante V.Stiviano Speaks Out & Describes Her Relationship “I’m Mr. Sterling’s Everything. I’m His Confidante, His Best Friend”

I think Buckcherry can make sense out of this situation for all of us.