Keri Russell Nude in The Americans (HD Screencaps)

keri russell nude in the americans

The Americans is a breakout hit for FX. The series follows the 1980s cold war between the Russians and USA. On aspect of the show that is not cold in anyway is the incredibly hot Keri Russell. Keri Russell is yet another Disney product, Keri began her career on the Mickey Mouse Club.

Some of you might recall Keri Russell in the family friendly hit Honey I Blew up the Kid. Now Keri Russell is blowing up the TV screen with this incredibly hot nude scene. If Keri Russell is willing to get naked for this show it is time to move The Americans to Showtime or HBO so we can watch Kerri Rusell really tear it up with a full on sex scene.


Keri Russell getting nude is not the only hotness going on for The Americans. Indian born Annet Mahendru shares the duties of heating up the screen. You can see Keri Russell Nude in The Americans below. Be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.

Keri Russell Nude in The Americans (HD Screen Caps)

According to Mr. Skin, Keri Russel has been in 2 other nude roles. You can check out their extensive Keri gallery at or by clicking the preview images below. Have fun.