Armand Schaubroeck Steals – God Made The Blues To Kill Me

Wow.  A collector’s item 10” vinyl record – “God Made the Blues to Kill Me” – with plastic sleeve featuring Armand Schaubroeck and a hippie chick both with guitars and both hitchhiking on a dead end street.  The back cover of this limited edition has the duo on what could be the antidote to Abbey Road, a street called MUSIC Wy.

For those who remember The Beach Boys FM hit, Riot In Cell Block #9 (Student Demonstration Time or There’s A Riot Goin’ On)   Armand’s new first release from his upcoming album has a harder version of this flavor. Where the Beach Boys reference Kent State May 4, 1970, Armand goes to Viet Nam with the music resembling John Lee Hooker meets John Lennon’s Cold Turkey by way of the aforementioned Beach Boys classic.

It’s in the Armand spoken word / song that we who are aware of his work know so well.  It’s fantastic for fans of the legend to hear him in sharp form with Ethan Porter’s explosive guitars working alongside Armand’s axe. Malcolm the Vampire pounds away on the drums with Bernard Heveron’s bass nice and clear in the mix.  And speaking of mixes there are two on this vinyl (and accompanying CD) with a superb bonus track of “Slip Away” – the Clarence Carter classic which Armand gives a Lou Reed “I’m A Soul Man” (when Lou paired up with Sam Moore).  The production on all three tracks are superb with Schaubroeck’s voice on “Slip Away” somewhere in between Sid Vicious gargling with Johnny Rotten’s soda/Listerine mouthwash.

Recorded at the House of Guitars Recording Studio at House of Guitars, Rochester, New York, this lengthy first single, at 13:11 is a bit longer than “Hey Jude” and the Richard Harris/Jimmy Webb classic “McArthur’s Park” …and the North Vietnamese dialog along with something that sounds like Lyndon Baines Johnson ranting about “winning” the war.    Armand’s voice is determined, snarling and full of angst.   Rather than “eating a shotgun” as some marines chose, as the litany goes, the singer opts for “needle park.”  It is hard-hitting stuff, war, drugs, amazing guitars and an ominous sound for the Christian right: Armand Schaubroeck Steals is back.


Armand-Schaubroeck-StealsIt is the first release from our label owner’s band, Armand Schaubroeck Steals, in over 30 years!

The release is a 10″ single for his song “God Made The Blues To Kill Me!” This release will be limited to 750 copies worldwide and also includes a CD, postcard, and limited ed. guitar pick! Will include a special mix of the song on the B-side that will be exclusive to this release! The single will be promoting his upcoming full length LP.

Armand Schaubroeck Steals has been praised by Julian Cope, of Teardrop Explodes, in his latest book, Copendium: The Expedition into the Rock n’ Roll Underworld and even has a chapter dedicated to the band. A song of Armand’s was even included on the soundtrack to the book. Armand Schaubroeck is most known for his cult LP, “A Lot Of People Would Like To See Armand Schaubroeck…DEAD.” which is a 3 LP set documenting his early life in jail, and also the cult LP, “Ratfucker.” The new single is sure to get fans excited for the upcoming full length release.

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