Guitar Gear Review – Modern Guitar Rigs – A Time and Money Saver

I can remember my early days of buying gear. I would walk by mountains of amps, rack gear and effects in awe in the music shops of Boston. When I started playing guitar Pampalone’s Music, Wurlitzers and Daddy’s Junky Music were are within steps of Berklee College of Music.  With the constant gear churn of the Berklee students there was always something cool and interesting in the used section of these mammoth music marts.

We would drag home the coolest gadgets we could find (and afford) with no idea of where it should sit in our signal chain. Or if we even buying components that were compatible. Armed with sub-par connectors from Radio Shack we would mesh this madness together in hopes of creating a great sound, or any sound at all.

My experiments in madness resulted in many blown speakers, four destroyed amps and multiple fried effects hitting the trash bins.  We had no blueprint for what we trying to accomplish. A book like Modern Guitar Rigs by Scott Kahn would have saved us a lot of time, tone and money.

Modern Guitar Rigs by Scott Kahn is a must read if your rig involves anything more than a guitar, cord and amp. If there is anything in your signal chain you are going to want to pick up this book. Scott takes the reader in a systematic way through the fundamentals of setting up your rig. Modern Guitar Rigs covers everything from effects loops dos and don’ts to setting complex midi systems.

Why is this book so important? It provides the musician with a blueprint. Unless you have countless piles of money you are buying your gear piece by piece. Modern Guitar Rigs by Scott Kahn shows the reader how to build a solid foundation for what they are trying to accomplish giving them an underpinning to build on.

While this book is a great book for the novice there is more than enough great information for the professional and touring guitarist. There are sections on in-ear monitoring, multiple amp setups and wireless systems. There are also some great interviews with famed rig builders Bob Bradshaw and Scott Appleton.

The icing on the cake for you fanboys is there are rig breakdown on greats like RUSH’s Alex Lifeson and Dream Theater’s John Petrucci. The book contains a companion DVD and retails for only $29.00. The big return on investment is Modern Guitar Rigs from Hal Leonard Publishing will help you reduce gear churn keeping you from losing cash and value at trade-in. In my case Modern Guitar Rigs would have saved my first 4 amps and a pile of vintage effects.