Drunk Girl Gets Mad When She Sees The Guy’s Face She Was Grinding On!

Everyone has their low moment. This guy’s low moment is forever sealed on the pages of the internet. Imagine you are at a college block party and dancing and grinding with a hot girl. Then said girl turns around looks at your face and is horrified.

So let’s premise this. First off the girl is getting her backside grinded for quite a bit of time without turning to see who is actually dry-humping her. Add to that not only does she not look but she cranks up the grinding action to ten. Something tells me this is not that hardest girl on campus to pick up.

If you are the dude that cannot pick up the drunkest, sluttiest chick on campus you may as well pack it up. So some of you are asking “Cletus how can you call a chick you don’t even know slutty?”

Well slutty is a subjective term. In my option any chick that lets a stranger grind on her and starts to grind back even harder is definitely slutty. In the instance she thought he was some else like maybe a boyfriend and turned around and was shocked, well that doesn’t matter. Letting any guy grind on you like that in public puts you in the Ho Hall of Fame. Yet still not as bad as Belinda Dobrowolski, a.k.a Bottle Girl the reigning Queen of the Ho Hall of Fame. .