Jimmy Kimmel Puts Kobe Bryant in the Hot Seat

Last night, Jimmy Kimmel was at it again with his “3 Ridiculous Questions” – a playful Q&A session where the host has a chance to sit down with some of America’s biggest celebs or athletes during “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” In the midst of the NBA Finals hype, who better to chat with than the man who has visited the Finals seven times – basketball superstar, Kobe Bryant!

During the Q&A session, Kimmel and Bryant joked around over a glass of the new Crown Royal Monarch 75th Anniversary Blend – a limited time offering featuring a special rye from the brand’s historic Coffey Still.

How many times have you caught yourself wondering where Kobe Bryant would go to the bathroom if he could fly? Jimmy Kimmel isn’t afraid to ask those tough questions. Find out that and more on Jimmy Kimmel Live’s hard-hitting “3 Ridiculous Questions.”

Don’t be bummed if you missed this funny exchange last night, as I’ve included it to help keep the basketball fun going off-the-court.