Kim Kardashian See Through Wet T-Shirt (PICS)

I don’t know how we define Kim Kardashian. Is she an attention whore? A fame whore? Maybe she is just simply a whore whore. Whatever the label is she knew the paparazzi would definitely be snapping pictures of her swimming in a wife beater on her honeymoon. I guess we are somewhat guilty of playing her game because we are posting the pictures also.

You must give Kim and Kanye West credit the both of them know how the play the press like a fiddle. Any time there is a sag in ratings or record sales out come Mrs. West’s saggy tits. Seriously this is getting tired. We have already seen Kim Kardasian nude. She has been naked in skin magazines. Hell, we have seen her in a porno movie, excuse me sex tape.  Does she really think these pictures are titillating? 

You can see the entire gallery of Kim Kardashian in a see through wet t-shirt by clicking the picture below. Be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here.


Kim Kardashian See Through Wet T-Shirt (PICS)

kim-k-redirect also has a nice catalog of Kim Kardashian goodies for your viewing pleasure, including many nudes and the infamous Kim Kardashian sex tape. You can check out Mr Skin by clicking any of the thumbnails below:

kim kardashian at MrSkin