Review: The Matrix Quick Connect System From Black and Decker

One thing we love doing here are is modding our guitars for different pickup configurations. This endeavor typically involves us busting out the router, drill and various other tools. On our latest project we shelved our bulky vintage router and tackled this project with the Black and Decker Matrix quick connect system.

This ultra-powerful tools system is a time and space saver. This cordless system boasts a 20v battery that is not only powerful but long lasting. What I love about the Black and Decker Matrix is its comfort. The ergonomic rubber covered grip is incredibly comfortable. This gives you great control over the tool allowing you to work precisely on your projects.

The ability to swap heads on the tool is a godsend. I was able to quickly switch over to the drill attachment with a flick of the top release button. This eliminated having multiple bulky tools hanging around your bench while working on projects.

The cool thing about the Black and Decker Martix is, this is a tool that will help you out not only in your workshop but also your yard. I gave the Matrix Compact Hedge Trimmer and Shear attachments a run for their money in the thickest rough in my backyard. I was able to clear a huge section of brush with the tool in record time. There was no need to drag out extension cords, anywhere I ventured in the backyard the Matrix was right there with me.

I have used this tool to trim hedges and bushes, hang curtains for the wife and on one of my guitar projects. I have yet to put it on the charger. There are endless attachments to use with this tool system. There is a reciprocating saw, jigsaw, a sander and multiple other attachments. It seems like every time I hit the hardware store there is a new attachment available for the Matrix. All of these attachments and the tool itself can be housed and the Matrix carrying case or the Matrix Wide-Mouth Storage Bag.

There is no downside to this tool system. The tools are powerful, accurate and lightweight. The Martix will make every project in your workshop and garden a joy.