Pornhub Announces Winner of Creative Director Contest

Pornhub, the premier destination for free online adult entertainment, today announced Nuri Gulver of Istanbul as the winner of its Creative Director Challenge, a contest that solicited “safe-for-work” (SFW) designs for an upcoming multimedia advertising campaign. Gulver, 24, who won for his campaign: “All You Need Is Hand,” has been awarded with a one-year paid employment contract as the official Creative Director of Pornhub.

Gulver’s submission, “All you Need is Hand,” a play on the hit song, “All You Need is Love,” was one of 3,000 submitted by more than 2,000 entrants. It was selected from 15 finalists that were announced last month.

Gulver’s concept, which displays two hands that make the shape of a heart and a tagline that reads “All You Need is Hand,” appealed to Pornhub because it is relatable and familiar to just about everyone – no matter the gender, ethnicity or age. As Gulver explains in his submission, not only can everyone relate to hands, they need them to use the site – at least to access it. Every time someone looks at their hand, they’ll be thinking Pornhub.

“We received an overwhelming amount of responses, which made it incredibly difficult to pick a winner,” said Corey Price, Vice President, Pornhub. “In choosing a winner, we were keen on picking anidea that was catchy and could be rolled out as a full multi-media campaign. We found Nuri’s ‘All You Need is Hand’ idea to be just that. The concept is smart, relatable and it has potential to work across all advertisement platforms. We’re thrilled to announce Nuri as the winner and are looking forward to working with him to roll out the industry’s first mainstream ad campaign.”

“As soon as I saw the campaign, the ‘All You Need Is Hand’ idea came to my mind, and I took the hands photo and prepared my campaign plan,” said Gulver. “And I’m so glad I did because now I’m Pornhub’s Creative Director for the next 12 months. The gig suits me as I have a passion for creatively solving problems – in this case launching an advertising campaign for a taboo industry in the mainstream press. I used to think I was lucky, but now I think I am the luckiest person on earth.”

According to Gulver, who works as copy writer for an advertising agency in Turkey, while he’s very proud of himself, ironically, he still doesn’t know how to explain his new job title to his parents. Gulver recently graduated from Istanbul Technical University with a degree in architecture and marine engineering.

Of the 15 finalists, Pornhub also selected two runner ups and one honorable mention. The runner ups included: “The World’s Biggest Archive of Nothing” submitted by Marcin S. and Piotr C., which highlights the size of Pornhub’s archive with a comical nod to it being thought of as taboo; and “America’s Largest Do-It-Yourself Website” submitted by Paul Livornese, which, as the name suggests, cleverly conveys that all you need to enjoy Pornhub is yourself. The Honorable Mention was given to “All You Need is a Connection” submitted by Max Sherman, which was a 30-second video that highlights a man as he sulked around unsuccessfully trying to find an internet connection so he could watch Pornhub.