New Netflix Instant Streaming Releases – July 2014

Netflix has already added quite a few “classic” movies to their instant streaming repertoire in July 2014. 22 movies were added on July 1 that were previously unavailable to subscribers via streaming, and a few more will be added each day throughout the month.

In addition to new movies being available this month, two Netflix TV original series, Knights of Sidonia: Season 1 and Hemlock Grove: Season 2, will be available for instant streaming at your leisure. Knights of Sidonia debuted on July 4th and the synopsis according to Netflix is:

An original anime series about Nagate, a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered humans, refugees that escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier and now occupy the massive ship Sidonia. When Nagate’s talent as a pilot is revealed he becomes one of Sidonia’s elite defenders against the Gauna, shapeshifting aliens bent on eliminating humans from existence. Based on the popular Japanese manga comic.

There are also six other previously-aired television series on the roster to be released for instant streaming on Netflix in July 2014. Below is the full list of programming available and their actual release date:


Netflix Instant Streaming Releases for July 2014:

July 1:
“12 Angry Men” (1957)
“Bad Santa” (2003)
“Basic Instinct” (1992)
“Boyz N the Hood” (1991)
“City of God” (2002)
“Dead Man Walking” (1995)
“Fever Pitch” (1997)
“Funny Face” (1957)
“Gandhi” (1982)
“Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” (1989)
“Legends of the Fall” (1994)
“Patton” (1970)
“Philadelphia” (1993)
“Primal Fear” (1996)
“Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country” (1991)
“The Karate Kid” (1984)
“The Karate Kid II” (1986)
“The Karate Kid III” (1989)
“The Manchurian Candidate” (2004)
“The Parent Trap” (1998)
“Under the Tuscan Sun” (2003)
“Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo” (2004)

July 4:
“Knights of Sidonia: Season 1” (2014)

July 6:
“Renoir” (2012)

July 9:
“Homefront” (2013)
“Out of the Furnace” (2013)

July 11:
“Hemlock Grove: Season 2” (2014)
“The Battered Bastards of Baseball” (2014)

July 12:
“Sleeping Beauty” (2014)

July 14:
“Hitch” (2005)
“The Master” (2012)
“The Last Days” (2013)

July 17:
“Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures: Season 1”

July 18:
“Baby Daddy: Season 3”
“Melissa & Joey: Season 3”

July 19:
“Hell on Wheels: Season 3”

July 24:
“Lost Girl: Season 4”

July 26:
“Christmas with the Kranks” (2004)
“Continuum: Season 3”

Netflix has recently increased their subscription price, so adding more Netflix TV and movies for instant streaming availability is probably a good idea.