Mr. Skin’s Top 150 Celebrity Nude Scenes of All Time

To Celebrate 15 Years Documenting Nakedness in Mainstream Movies and TV, the World’s #1 Source for Celebrity Nudity, Mr. Skin at, Counts Down Hollywood’s top 150 All-Time Best Nude Scenes.

Beginning August 11, fifteen new scenes will be counted down every day through 8/20, at which point in time the final 15 will be revealed in no particular order. Readers will then have a chance to tweet which scene they think will land at number one, which will earn them instant access to those clips as well as a chance to win one of fifteen lifetime Mr. Skin memberships!

Each scene was graded in eight categories on a five point scale with Mr. Skin having the final say in tiebreakers. Categories included Star Power, Cultural Significance, and, for the first time ever, User Popularity. This means that 15 years of raw data, including total page views, was a factor in assembling this new list.

Check out the PG Trailer below, or check out the NSFW version here:

Mr. Skin Top 150 Nude Scenes of All Time:

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