Review: DirecTV opens The NFL Sunday Ticket Streaming Service for all to Watch

Being a Miami Dolphins fan stuck in Patriots Nation I have very few chances to see my favorite team. I get the two divisional games a year and a couple of other occasions to watch the Dolphins. Typically if I want to catch my team I have to journey to a sports bar.

Like some of you I have seen the many options online promising FREE streaming of NFL games. Beware these sites are not truly free. Not only is the video unwatchable and the feeds often drop. These sites can be can be quite costly. These free NFL streaming sites are loaded with malware and spyware. Some of the viruses on these sites can destroy your computer costing you hundreds in replacement costs or repairs. Other threats on these sites like W32.AGOBOT.GH worm and W32/Agobot-S can allow intruders to get your personal information and banking passwords. Your free 3 hour NFL game could ultimately cost you your entire bank account.

For those of you looking for the smart option to stream NFL games this season there is some great news. DirecTV has untethered their NFL Sunday Ticket service from their subscription service. This means those of you that are not DirecTV subscribers can now enjoy this great service.

The NFL Sunday Ticket service can be streamed on a computer, tablet, phone or game console. Using your PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you can now stream direct to your TV. So how good is the DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket?

The interface online is very clean and intuitive. It allows the user to invest as much or as little personalization as wanted. There is a player tracker option for Fantasy Football geeks like myself to track my roster. There is also a plugin for you NFL fantasy football fans to track your entire team.

There are also a ton of viewing options. With Game Mix you can watch any 4 feeds at the same time including NFL Redzone. There is also a picture in a picture option. With the full screen view DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket deliver a stunning picture with booming audio.  I tried a few options to feed DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket to my 60 inch screen.

While my favorite configuration is to simply stream the service over the XBOX, a few other options worked great. Pulling up DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket on my home office computer and broadcasting it via my Google Cromecast app worked perfectly. Plugging the laptop into television via HDMI also delivered stunning sound and picture.

The tablet option is a godsend for NFL fans. The ability to watch the NFL pre-game show while tailgating or watching the NFL on the run is the largest leap in technology for NFL fans ever. If you don’t have a tablet you can use your smartphone.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket is a reliable, safe feed of your favorite NFL teams. You can see all of their subscriber options at This new NFL SUNDAY TICKET TV service is for those who can’t get DIRECTV service – due to line of sight issues or HOA restrictions.