Review: Photojojo’s Phone Lenses Kit

Last week, Photojojo was generous enough to send me out a few of their iPhone lenses to try out. Being a photographer, I was very excited to try them out.  They sent me three lenses: a telephoto lens, a wide angle/macro lens, and a 180º fisheye lens. Along with the lens, the box contained two magnetic strips (one black, one white) to place on the top of the back of the iPhone, a lens cap, a few magnetic rings incase the strips don’t suit your fancy, and a magnetic mini lanyard to attach to the lens for easy portability and convenience. 

Pros: Each lens is very small and lightweight and can be easily carried in your pocket. They also work and produce a very sharp image. The magnetic strip is thin enough where your phone can still be placed inside of a case. Also, the adhesive backing is incredibly strong; so don’t worry about it falling off when you have a lens attached. The lens caps are also very easy to remove, resulting in less of a delay between you taking your shot.

Cons: Unless you make some minor adjustments, using a lens when you have a case on your phone is a no-go, although, there are some cases with a large enough opening around the camera, so not everyone will have that problem. There is some distortion and warping that will be prevalent on the edges of your photos, but it’s doesn’t compromise the photo by any means.

All in all, I find that these lenses are worth the $20 price point. They add so much more to mobile photography, and takes advantage of the amazing camera on the iPhone. You can check out all of my photos taken with the lens, below.

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