Ex-Baltimore Raven’s Cheerleader Molly Shattuck Indicted For Raping 15-Year-Old (PICS)

We have been down this road before. Ex-cheerleader no longer feels hot and (allegedly) beds a young boy. I would imagine it is every teen boy’s dream to nail an NFL Cheerleader. I am guessing they would like a current cheerleader not one that was on the field with Terry Bradshaw.

Last year it was Elizabeth Leigh Gardner former titans cheerleader accused of sexual assault. She was arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting a 12 yr old boy . Elizabeth Gardner was 38 at the time. Molly Shattuck is almost hitting 50 and not looking too hot these days.

According to TMZ.com: 47-year-old Molly Shattuck — who cheered for the Baltimore Ravens back in 2005 — was charged with 2 counts of 3rd degree rape over an incident that allegedly went down back in September.

Officials say Shattuck began seducing the boy back in May after she saw his picture on Instagram — and first got physical with him in the back seat of her car in a middle school parking lot … with kissing and touching.

Officials say Shattuck performed oral sex on the boy at least 2 times — once while outside walking the dog and again when they returned to the bedroom.

These ex-cheerleaders raping middle-school boys is no laughing matter. We all know if this was an ex-NFL player with a 12 year old girl we would all be calling for his head. Molly Shattuck deserves the same venom.

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