SNL’s Kenan Thompson Calls Bill Cosby a Pervert on the Howard Stern Show (Video)

Here is some video of Kenan Thompson on the Howard Stern Show talking about working on Fat Albert with accused rapist Bill Cosby. It seems Bill was giving Kenan Thompson some heads up about all the sex stardom would bring him.

Bill’s advice did not include drugging, raping or giving women ruffies. It is interesting that Kenan Thompson would refer to Bill Cosby as a pervert. It makes you wonder what the rest of the conversation was like. Kenan says they talked about everything except the film. Would Kenan Thompson be willing to revisit Stern and give us the rest of the story? It would also be interesting to see if Kenan Thompson eventually ends up on what would be a star studded witness list.

Currently the victim count on the Cosby allegations is 21. This includes one victim that claims Bill Cosby raped her at age 15. As we frequently say on this site where there is smoke there is fire. I have a feeling this story is not only ready to flame up but it is ready to explode.